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With our vast global network of licensees, we identify the best company for each product category and the most appropriate retail partners. We create a retail solution first hand for your brand or image.

We are well known for being innovators in the development of new agreements and methods to work with licensees that benefit both our clients as well as the licensees. We also license rights to an extensive network of third party licensees around the world. We work to generate sustainable reoccurring revenue from all segments of intellectual property licensing categories.

  • Accessories – backpacks, bandanas, belts, buckles, embroidered emblems, eyeglass frames, hats and caps, jewelry, mittens and gloves, purses and handbags, scarves, shoelaces, small leather goods, socks and hosiery, sunglasses, ties, umbrellas, wallets, watches.
  • Apparel – boxer shorts, jackets, nightshirts, lingerie, nightshirts, pajamas, shorts, slacks, sportswear, sweaters, sweatshirts and sweatpants, t-shirts, underwear.
  • Domestics – bath mats, bedspreads, blankets, cloth placemats, curtains, fabric, laundry bags, pillowcases, pot holders, sewing patterns, sheets, towels.
  • Electronics – clock radios, clocks, foot massagers, hair dryers, kitchen appliances, DVD players, radios, tape players, telephones, walkie-talkies.
  • Food & Beverage – candy, cereal, cake & cake decorating accessories, cookies, edible baking decorations, fresh foods, frosting, gum, health bars, juice, microwave meals, snack foods, soda, sport & energy drinks.
  • Footwear – Athletic shoes, beach footwear, hiking boots, shoelaces, slippers, socks and hosiery.
  • Furniture/Home Furnishings – appliances, beanbag chairs, beds, bookcases, ceiling fans, chairs, chests, clocks, desktop accessories, lamps, picture frames, tables, telephones, wall coverings and wallpaper.
  • Gifts/Novelties – air fresheners, animated alarm clocks, ceramic gift items, ceramic mugs, chess sets, Christmas decorations and ornaments, cloisonné pins, collectibles, commemorative coins, commemorative plates, erasers, gumball machines, key chains, lapel pins, lighters, magnets, novelty watches, pencils, pencil toppers, pens. prepaid phone cards, PVC figurines, stickers, t-shirts, wind socks.
  • Health and Beauty Aids – adhesive bandages, bubble bath, combs & brushes, cosmetics, dental floss, fragrances, hair accessories, lotions, shampoo, soap tissues, toothpaste, toothbrushes, vitamins, men’s toiletries.
  • Housewares – acrylic & melamine tableware, baking & cooking supplies, cups, plates, bowls, glassware, juice box holders, laminated placemats, lunch kits, mugs, silverware, tableware.
  • Infant Products – baby bags, bibs, bumper guards, cribs, diapers, diaper bags, high chairs, infant clothing, infant furniture, infant housewares, infant toys, mobiles, playpens, rockers, strollers.
  • Music/Video – audiocassettes, book & cassette packages, CD’s, LP’s, spoken word audiocassettes, videocassettes, theatrical music, direct-to-video, on-demand video.
  • Publishing – activity books, address books, bath books, book & cassette packages, calendars, cloth books, coloring books, comic books, diaries, ho-to0books, magazines, music & talking storybooks, novelizations, novels, one-shot publications, postcards, posters, stickers.
  • Sporting Goods – backpacks, bicycles, daypacks, fitness equipment, footballs, basketballs & baseballs, ice skates, inflatable water toys, ride-ons, roller skates, skateboards, sleeping bags, slumber bags, sports equipment, sports jerseys, tents, uniforms, wagons, water bottles.
  • Stationer/Paper Goods – bookmarks, candles, checks, erasers, gift bags, gift wrap, greeting cards, invitations, memo boards, Mylar and latex balloons, note cards, notepads, paper party decorations, paper tableware, party goods, pens and pencils, postcards, rubber stamps and pads, school supplies, trading cards, Valentines.
  • Toys & Games – activity kits, board games, craft and model kits, die cast, dolls, dominoes, electric toys, flying discs, Halloween costumes, kites, learning toys, marbles, playing cards, plush, stuffed toys, puppets, puzzles, rack toys, radio-controlled toys, ride-ons, science kits, trading cards, yo-yos.
  • Video Games & Software – arcade games, CD-Rom software, computer games, video games for all platforms, pinball games, interactive games.
  • Miscellaneous – Automotive accessories, gardening supplies, hardware, luggage.
Business development marketing consultation fee: Determined by level of services engaged, length of consultancy and incurred expenses. Additional program implementation is subject to commission.