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Paidas Management has 30+ years experience with top-level sports entertainment and consumer brands


Passion – Performance – Profitability

Paidas Management, located in Fairfield County, CT was founded by visionary Jim Paidas, the licensing executive behind many of the most successful licensing and merchandising programs to date. Some of which include American Tobbacco Co., Nine West shoes, World Wrestling Federation, Orange County Choppers, American Hot Rod, Bad Bones and Liz Claiborne. As president and creative catalyst for some of the country’s leading firms, Paidas has played an integral role in the development and growth of some of the country’s leading brands.

Paidas Management has generated over Four Hundred Million dollars in gross revenues over the last 3 years for its properties, and has earned a reputation for being one of the most competitive and well respected licensing agencies in the licensing business.


Jim brings more than thirty years of diverse experience in advanced brand marketing, brand building, operations management and strategic planning. As an industry veteran and pitchman, he has worked directly within the brand parameter using his vast knowledge of premiums, private label apparel, fulfillment and distribution systems linked to venue merchandising. Jim’s proven track record has established him as a leader among his peers and has built relationships with marquis brands like Pepsi Cola, Major League Baseball, the World Wrestling Federation (WWF), Liz Claiborne, Lotus Cars North America and the Nine West Group.

Jim secured Orange County Choppers which soon became one of the licensing industry’s hottest new properties. Jim, being the active ingredient, within a 30 month period, developed a program to position the brand with over 400 SKU’s resulting in wholesale sales of over $350 million. He also initiated and negotiated endorsements and promotional opportunities with AOL, Coca Cola, Prevost and Featherlight Coach.

Jim’s varied experience includes:

  • UConn Graduate
  • C E O, Promotion Sales Ltd.
  • C.A.S., PPAI
  • Fulfillment, Distribution
  • Private Label
  • Branded Apparel
  • Event Merchandising
  • Retail Distribution
  • Product Endorsement


At Paidas Management, we are committed to representing and developing markets for high-quality licensed properties to a worldwide audience.

Working in partnership with the client licensees and retailers, we develop and maintain a powerful presence, creating well-targeted products and making the most of your intellectual property.

We are well known for being innovators in the development of new agreements and methods to work with licensees that benefit both our clients as well as the licensees. We also license rights to an extensive network of third party licensees around the world.

We work to generate sustainable revenue from all segments of intellectual property licensing categories.


Extend your brand’s reach with our licensing and brand development solutions. Providing total property development, management, sponsorship and endorsement answers, we offer a complete roster of services to suit your requirements.

Services include: Business agent, licensing agent, property development, endorsement programs, corporate sponsorship, merchandising and premiums.